Movabletype 3.2 upgrade memorandum.

  • RTFM.
  • After uploading new update files, do not forget to chmod 755 newly added CGIs.
  • Glitches: 500 internal error occurs after building pages from time to time. Plus. Lots of malfunctioning you can’t figure out. 🙁
  • Solution: If you are still with BerkerlyDB, migration to MySQL is highly recommended.
  • When migrating to mySql you might experience the session timeout if your Log DB is rather large. clean up your log.
  • Template has been changed, or simplified a lot. Odds are you don’t have to change any, but being paranoia I customized at least my individual archive page for the new spec.
  • delete mt-upgrade.cgi and mt-db2sql.cgi for safety reason.

Verdict: 3.2 is a big leap from 3.1*


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