Resco Radio for 800×480 CE.NET


Resco Radio is a portable internet stream radio program, but doesn’t natively support CE.NET machines. Appreciatively, It doesn’t depend on any Pocket PC specific code, so you can install and enjoy radio without any modification on exe file. All you have to do is tweak some resource files.

If your machine’s screen resolution is 800×480 landscape, such as in nexio or sigmarion 3, you can download the following and dump them to the installed folder. If yours is simple VGA, edit the file and set your resolution at the [Info] section. In case your CE.NET machine’s screen is only QVGA portrait, I guess you don’t have to touch anything.

Download file

With Resco Radio, you can enjoy various radio programs and even record them as MP3 from anywhere, anytime only if you can find a decent WI-FI signal 🙂


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  2. I’ve tried this on my Nexio XP30 and I cant get it to work. Do you know if anyone has suceeded with the nexio. I already had the russian dlls.

  3. Thanks,
    I have added that dll and the program launches and asks what speed of connection I have ie. 56k or better. After that I get the message ‘There is no skin for this screen resolution and orientation. Please installa suitable skin or reinstall application. What do you think? I reckon it may work yet. Incidentally i have the GAPI loaded and it diagnoses my nexio screen as 800×454 pixels, I guess its taking out the toolbar, is this significant??

  4. I have just been looking at a printout of the modified ‘ file for the 800×480 screen, I notic that the presets=10 is deleted (10th. line in and the [preset10Btn] section is missing I presume this is not the error.
    Also I notice the syntax is different between the this file and the original .rs which uses syntax [presetBtn10].
    I am a complete novice on this stuff but I’m still trying.

  5. Thanks a bunch it works!
    I am now listening to smooth jazz on my Nexio XP30.
    Now I guess I should read the manual and find out how to find my own channels. Maybe even do my own skin! You’re a star.

  6. Hi, I have tried the atacched skins with the new version of Resco Pocket Radiio (1.51) but it give me the no skin error message. Are there the new skin? Or is there someone that can provide me the old cab file (sharewere) of the 1.3 version? Thanks

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