Pocket PC app on your CE.NET machine

Traditionally, Russian innovation has always been a treat to the scientific community. It’s good to know same goes to the HPC community. The small alternative DLLs a Russian hacker, Arayev Dmitriy, prepared for us might have been the most innovative hack for the CE.NET platform which unfortunately can’t run most of PocketPC programs.

cemenu 0.9b8

If you put the cemenu in place of the old DLLs, especially aygshell.dll, you can see the intact PocketPC menu on your CE.NET. What an innovation, it’s a huge win. I tested this with my sigmarion III, and I suppose it can also fit into CE.NET-based Nexio as well.

0409 235.jpg
– You can see not only the menu popped from the bottom but PocketPC-style dialog box cover your CE.NET screen.

Especially for sigmarion III, Japanese engineering also showed their strengths. The error message ‘This is not a valid Windows CE application’ has kept annoying sigmarion users for a long time, but thankfully hou_ming almost solved this nuisance with his Executability Check tool. His coredl3.dll will solve most of the invalid app errors, you should simply change the part of hex of invalid app.

But there are lots of issues remained for the complete compatibility for PocketPC apps on the CE.NET platform. The incompatible ceshell.dll and lack of inkx.dll are the most bothersome obstacles.

Maybe it’s about time for Korean hackers to show something useful. 🙂

However, if the landscape VGA Windows Mobile 2003 SE machine showed someday with a decent keyboard attached, this entire fun hack will become useless anyway. 🙁


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