XML Encoding @ .NET Compact Frameworks


I’ve been programming some PDA C# app dealing with XML documents hosted on the net. However, .NET Compact Frameworks doesn’t seem to support non-unicode encoding when it comes to XmlTextReader class.

The good part of .NET is you can run the exactly same EXE on both of PDA and PC platforms only if it conforms to Compact Framwork’s limitation. That made me naive enough to test programs only within the PC even if I’m coding for PDAs. The sad thing is that unexpected behaviors always happen for the programmers especially you are programming for the embedded devices.

Surprisingly, PDA’s XmlTextReader can’t decode ‘euc-kr’ and even ‘iso-8859-1’ XML documents. The same code runs nicely on the PC’s .NET. What the…

I tried some workarounds…

Encoding encode = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("euc-kr");

but only to find the “PlatformNotSupportedException”.

Any ideas??

Isn’t this supposed to do good jobs? is it? look at 15 page of this slide

Maybe I have to try XmlDocument class later. For your reminder, I’m talking about more ethnic encoding not UTF-7 or 8 XML handling.


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