Hangul MS-IME 97 for Windows CE


REMINDER: You don’t have to worry about the following, if your typing speed is bad enough not to recognize these errors.

Diopen, a popular Korean language emulator for Windows CE, has been known to have some serious bugs when typing hangul characters in whether it’s on HPC or PPC with a keyboard attached. The bugs varied for different versions, and none of them seemed to be useful for fast-typists such as me.

The most irritating problem until ver 4.1 is that it stummers some characters when you type out very fast. Version 5.0 fixed this problem, but it also displayed the first character with a stutter. What a annoying way of testing my patience!

So, I prepared an interim solution for fast-writers who want to type in as fast as 300 chars per minute, especially on Jornada 710 HPC. The solution is to use the genuine Korean MS-IME(mshime97.dll) in lieu of Diopen IME. However, there are a couple of limitations which, I guess, came from the missing Korean locale structure.

First, only certain edit controls let this IME be activated, which means you can only input Korean characters on Pocket Word or HPCNotes through this method. You have to depend on Diopen 3.51 or 4.1(not 5.0!!) if you want to type chars into regular dialog boxes. Diopen 5.0 version doesn’t work out with MS-IME at the same time. However, if you only want to write Hangul with Pocket Word, don’t bother at all, MS-IME will be enough.

Second, although you can switch to Hangul input mode by pressing Alt+Space, you should directly touch the screen button to convert the just-typed Hangul character into Hanja character. I tried to make this happen with key-strokes but in vain. I suppose this is also due to the typical locale problem. Please somebody from HP or Microsoft solve this problems!

By the way, Diopen IME Hangul mode precedes MS-IME Hangul mode, so you have to set Diopen to an english input mode beforehand to type Korean chars out using MS-IME. You have to simply set both IME to eng mode if you want to type english. At the situations where MS-IME doesn’t work out, you can’t even see MS-IME floating window, so just use Diopen IME as usual.


– Download file
mshime97.dll (StrongArm version only) Put this into \Windows dir.

mshime97.txt Import this to registry.


Hangul MS-IME 97 for Windows CE”의 16개의 생각

  1. I just received a PDA with Windows Pocket PC 2002. How can I install Korean (Hangul) IME with character recognition?

  2. Hello,

    I just bought a Pocket PC 2003 and also want to know where I can download Korean IME with character recognition. Is there anything newer than what was available in 2/2003?

  3. 안녕하세요. 혹시 이 방법을 HPC2000을 사용하는 NEC MobilePro 900에 사용할 수 있을까요?

  4. Thanks for the info. The problem that I have with Diopen is that it wants to change many things. I only like to be able to read Korean charcters on my PockePc. I do not need any other feature.

  5. TYPING KOREAN can be done flawlessly with DIOTEK. Thank you for information.

    But I am seeking a way to READ KOREAN web page using pocketPC’s IE. (Diotek does not let you read Korean.)

    Please let me know if someone knows how.

  6. 혹시 2007년 XDA-ZINC에 이 프로그램이 다운로드해도 돼나여? 이 PPC는 windows mobile version 5입니다.

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