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You can safely run any HPC programs on your Pocket PC, but you wouldn’t expect the same thing in the opposite direction. Trying to start PocketPC programs on your HPC, you will only get error messages saying “you missed something.” What possibly did I miss ?

A popular solution for this unfairness is to make up some a dummy file on your HPC. This file will cheat PPC programs and let them think that they are on the Pocket PC even though they are installed at HPCs.

This DLL handles PocketPC-specific basic functions. While there have been a couple of versions on the net, the most recent one seems to quite stable. Understandably. :O)

Some PPC programs WILL be running on your HPC at this step. However, AYGSHELL.DLL alone can’t liberalize all PPC programs. Even after installing the dummy AYGSHELL.DLL, you might still suffer new kinds of error messages saying “memory crushed” or something. The basic reason for this error is that PPC program recklessly assumes they can call PPC library files, especially this one.

This is tricky one. There are officially two form of this kind of files. One is for PPC and the other is for HPC. HPC2000 already employed this DLL of their own version and PPC programs complain about its authenticity. The probliem is you cannot load these two set of files with the same name on the same memory. Basically, you need to install the “new PPC” DLL onto HPC anyhow. Currently, the most dependable way of getting away from this situation is to change the name of the newly introduced PPC library file, and also patch PPC programs that would call the files.

1) Copy MFCCE300.DLL from PocketPC to your PC.
2) Rename it and install it onto \Windows on your HPC.
3) Open the PPC Program that is going to be ported with a hex editor, and search the ascii string “MFCCE300.DLL”. Try Ultraedit.
4) Patch it! Change that string with the new DLL name and save it.

Maybe some people thought HPC users won’t be interested in playing games on their bulky ugly keyboard machines. However some still envy PPC users who can enjoy mahjong in the middle of a boring meeting. GX.DLL is for Game API. If you are trying to port game programs, you might need this one.

FYI, I could succeed installing Cobuild dictionary and Ministumbler and failed with MSN messnger for PocketPC 2002. Somebody even installed Acrobat readers for PPC onto HPC.


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  1. I have tried some PPC progams on my Jornada 720 running with H/PC 2000 O Swith the dummy aygshell and mfecce.
    Unfortunately many of them do not work correctl becausey the command bar is not display ed well .

    For example this happens with soft winter storage tools.

  2. these hacks work great for many programs. i’ve been able to get ministumbler up and running on the 720, but it doesn’t seem to recognize the aironet 350 card. i thought this waS a compatible card or am i doing something wrong?

  3. I am trying to get ministumbler to run on my Jornada 728. I have been following the suggestions about the dummy dll files but I still get a fatal error every time I start the program. I get exception 0xc0000005 address 00bbf2ac.

    Any ideas?

  4. i edited the ministumbler.exe to point to the new mfcce301.dll file that I got off the web (for PPC ARM) and I get the error that ministumbler is not a valid CE application. If I remove the …301.dll file, it says that one of the components is missing.

    Help please.

  5. Hi,

    I’ve installed macromedia flash 6. I ‘ve modified the aygshell.dll by ceshell.dll and cellcore.dll by serial.dll, and next use the regsrvce.exe app to register the flash.dll in the Windows root.

    The player works nice but some kinda of bug appears like
    1) you need to tap the black image in order tu run the swf file
    2) the flash links to another swf files don’t work

    Maybe I need the cellcore.dll in order to get the 100% of the player. Anyone knows where to find it?


  6. Simply put these dlls into the directory where the program is. you may have many copies of that file, but atlease you dont need to hexedit every ppc file you wanna run.

    The dll files in the windows directory will be used if there was none found in the initial running directory. that was, you can keep the original dll files in the windows directory…

    I got Ministumbler to work that way, but unfortunately, my elsa vianect mc-11 isnt recognised. perhaps I need to do a driver or firmwareupdate. It has an orinoco chipset after all.

  7. Im working on .NET compact framework for SIM programming.For communicating with SIM Card I need a dll called “cellcore.dll”.Where can i get
    “cellcore.dll” ,if any one knows please get back.

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